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Severus' Present, part 2/2

Severus' Present
Part 2 of 2


The OMC is Jason Cox, an OMC of logn standing from in the stroy arch at hp_holidays

Summary: Remus gets Severus what he has always wanted (well, other than James Potter as his sex slave) 

WARNINGS: Slash, Bondage, toys, misuse of silk and candy canes, sex magic, threesomes. 

Part 1 

 December 25th, 1:00am, Headmaster’s quarters, Hogwarts
Jason’s head turned as he heard Severus’ voice.
“Hey Sev. How was your evening? Remus invited me to....ah.... hang out here for a bit?” Jason said, tongue in cheek.
“So I see. I suppose you can stay, but we must take that blindfold off. What’s the fun in teasing you if you can’t see, hmmm?” Severus said musingly, flicking his wrist and banishing the blind fold.
Jason blinked, his eyes adjusting to the light.  Eyes flicking around the room they finally land on Remus, who is still rubbing his cock. The bound man moans as he watches Remus pleasure himself. Jason can’t resist moving his hips in time with Remus’ actions. He watches intently, moaning as a wet spot appears on the fabric.
Severus grins as he observes Jason’s actions. His breath hitching when he too notices the growing wet spot on his husband’s pants. He walked to the couch, leaned down and pulled Remus up.

Pressing himself into the man and rubbing his own hard fabric bound cock against him, he kisses Remus deeply. Turning so that they are in profile to Jason, Severus runs his hands along Remus’ chest, fingers just barely going under the fabric to bare skin. Remus tilts his head back, exposing his neck as Severus licks and bites it, hands moving along the bare skin under Remus’ shirt now.

Slowly the fabric moves upwards as Severus moves his mouth downwards along his lover’s neck. Breaking apart just long enough to get Remus’s shirt off, Jason moans loudly as Severus attacks one of the wolf’s nipples, sucking it in sharply. Severus’ runs his hands along Remus’s abs, slowly working his way down to his pants.
“Hey!” Jason interrupts. “If I’m the present, shouldn’t you be playing with me?” He asked anxiously.
“You do have a point, I suppose. After all, it is only polite to play with one’s gift.” Severus said slowly as he wandered over to Jason. Standing in front of the bound man, he ran one finger downward from Jason’s mouth down his neck, nail scratching a thin line along it.

Rotating his finger, Severus ran the pad along Jason’s left nipple, circling it teasingly, before continuing onward to his bound cock. Severus took the trailing ends of the green and red ribbons and pulled them slowly, letting the crisscrossed silk rub the bound shaft as the silver ribbon pulled the package forward, cutting into his sack slightly.

Hissing at the sensation, Jason squirmed, causing the silk cocoon to move even more along his cock. Severus lets the trailing ribbons go and the silk moved back along Jason’s cock in a slow rubbing manner.
“So, how shall I play with my present? I see you’ve laid out some tools for me, my love. What do you think Gift, shall it be the chocolate finish spell or the peppermint sharing charm?” Severus purred, running his fingers teasingly along Jason’s thighs.
“Well, I’m allergic to chocolate......” Jason told him seriously.
“Solves that question.....pity, it’s the only good use for chocolate.” Severus sighed in disappointment and banishes the crystal bowl full of chocolate. He looked at his mate and requested, “Remus, prepare the peppermint, please.   I will return.” walking to the bedroom, unbuttoning his shirt as he goes.
Remus saunters up, walking with his hips jutting forward slightly, showing off his bulge to make the black man squirm. Picking up the distilled water he pours it into the onyx bowl, adding seven candy canes. Waving his wand at the mixture the candy canes dissolved, leaving the water with a red tinge, the room smelling of peppermint. Task done, he wandered back over to the couch, reclining again to rub his cock as he locked eyes with Jason, a feral smile playing across his face.
Just as Jason is beginning to go mad with need, Severus finally walks back into the room wearing a pair of loose, cotton lounging pants, his chest bare, hips thrust toward Remus.  His arousal tents the fabric and a bulge in his pocket hides another item.
Walking back to Remus, he again, pulls up his mate and caresses the hairy chest and kisses him deeply.  Remus slides his own hands past the waistband of his mate’s pants as Severus unbuttons the wolf’s fly.  Together they strip each other, moving in sync, until the pants fall freely to the floor, cocks bobbing in freedom, red and leaking. Pulling Remus toward him once more, he devours his mouth in a possessive kiss, cocks rubbing together, smearing precum over each other. Severus pulls away abruptly when he hears Jason moan. He turns towards him.
“Do you know what the peppermint sharing charm does Jason?” He asked, eyes glittering with anticipation.
“Umm.......No?” Jason answered, puzzled.
“Well, I’ll just have to show you then.” Smirking, Severus bends over, showing off his ass, and pulls out a medium sized dildo from the pocket of his discarded pants. Walking over to the little table, Severus grabs a handful of water and splashes it onto the toy. Carefully cupping a handful of the water he walks back to Remus and drips it along the wolf’s cock.

As the water dribbles down Remus’s cock an arc of light leaps from the bowl, connecting the dildo and Remus’s cock briefly. Walking back over to the table, Severus picks up the dildo and mumbles a spell. The toy glows red for a moment then Remus’ cock grows blue. Turning, he faced Jason.
“What is done to the dildo will be felt by Remus as if it were being done to his cock.” Severus explained, voice deepening with each word.  Holding the toy in his left hand he fists it with his right hand, running slowly up and down the length of it. Remus arches up into the invisible force caressing his cock and moans in pleasure.
“Mostly, this spell is used to tease lovers from afar. But there are far more entertaining uses for it.” Severus continued.  Picking up the forgotten wand, Severus cancels the spell on the toy and cock. Waving his wand at Jason he adjusts his bonds.  The male’s hands are drawn to a bar hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room and bound to it then his ankles were bound to a ring of metal on the floor.  Again Severus splashes the peppermint water onto the toy, but this time he dribbles the water onto his own cock. Leaving the toy on the table he takes up the lube and walked behind Jason.
Dribbling the slickness onto Jason’s puckered hole, he slowly slides a finger down his crack, following the trail of lube. Teasing Jason, he spreads the slickness around the hole before slowly pushing a finger into the man, bringing the slickness with him. Jason helplessly groans at the intrusion.

Pulling out, Severus applied more of the lube on his finger before pressing it back into the man, moving in and out at a steady pace, raking the prostate gland each time drawing out more moans  from the bound man.  Jason began to shudder and writhe, trying to thrust against Severus’ finger movements. Watching the show, Remus ran his fingers along his shaft, licking his lips as Jason jerked in his bonds. Withdrawing his finger from the now slick entrance, Severus moved away from Jason.
Walking over to Remus, he tugged his mate up then had him bend over the arm of the couch.  Once positioned the way he wanted him, Severus repeated his actions from Jason to Remus. The wolf rubs himself against the couch in increased need, moaning for more.  His finger still thrusting into Remus he turned to Jason, smirking as he sees the man panting, the silk around his cock straining as it pulses in full hardness.
Withdrawing from Remus, he walks back to the table and grabs the toy then walks behind Jason again. Trailing the head of the toy down Jason’s back, to the crack of his ass, finally stopping with the tip pointed at Jason’s glistening hole. Slowly Severus pushes the toy into the man’s loosened ass.. Once the toy is all the way in, he walks back over to Remus, leaving Jason to squirm.
Once behind the waiting Remus, he grabs his cock and slowly pushes into his husband.  With a soft low moan Remus pushes back, taking the pulsing shaft inside him, lifting himself slightly upwards to meet Severus. Remus places a hand around his own cock, sliding it up and down. Picking up the wand, Severus casts the spell again but this time his buried cock glows red and the toy glows blue. Severus pulls out slightly, the toy does the same.
Jason jerks in surprise as the toy moves with Severus, fucking him as the other man fucked Remus. Again and Again, the toy mimicked Severus’ actions, speeding up and slowing down, even twitching inside of Jason with each heartbeat of the cock inside Remus. Jason’s cock jerked convulsively inside it’s prison of  restraining silk, silver ribbon cutting painfully into his sack each time he nears orgasm, delaying the final event.
“Oh, please!” Jason begs loudly as the toy throbs inside of him.
“Please what?” Severus demanded, voice rough with lust.
“The ribbons! I need to cum, please take them off!” He continued to beg.
“Why should I do that? I may not be done playing with you yet.” Severus said grinning evilly.
“Please Severus!” The were-wolf under Severus pants pleadingly. “I need to come too. I want to cum with you.” He urged his mate.
Moaning at the words, Severus thrust powerfully into Remus, forcing his cock as deep as he can get it until his pubic bone grounds against the wolf’s ass.  Jason groans at that forceful thrust, hips jerking helplessly in the air from the toys movement.

“PLEASE!” He screamed frantically.
Severus gestured toward the bound man causing the ribbons to fall away. Jason’s unrestrained cock flies upward as Severus pulls back until only the tip remained in Remus and the toy moved with him causing Jason to spray semen forcefully from its long delayed orgasm.  Thrusting back in makes Remus clench around his mate’s hard pole forcing Serverus to stiffen and cum the same time as the wolf.

December 25th, 2:27am, Headmaster’s bathroom, Hogwarts.
Later all three men lay in a tub, bubbles covering them as they float bonelessly in the water.
“You know, I never did get my present from you Remus. Sex is nice and all, but I think I deserve a nice big present after tonight.” Jason said lazily.
“Oh....really......is that because you didn’t enjoy yourself.......that must be someone else’s cum on my ceiling then.....” Severus mused sarcastically, eyes closed as he drifted in the water.

“Hush, Severus.” Remus admonished his mate as he lay relaxing nearby. “Your present is in your room, Jason. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it.” He assured Jason.
“What is it?” Jason asks like a little kid, interest perked with the cryptic reply.
“Wouldn’t be any fun if I told you, now would it?” Remus snorted in amusement.
Sighing, Jason leans back into the water. “I’ll find out later.  Right now I just want to rest.”
Quiet again, the men floated peacefully in the water.  After they were thoroughly waterlogged, they dragged themselves out and dried off then moved to the bedroom and slid into the bed together. Remus lay between the pair of males.  He hugged his mate from behind while Jason hugged him from behind.
December 25th, 10:25am, Jason’s quarters, Hogwarts
Walking into his room after breakfast with Severus and Remus,  Jason immediately headed to his room.  Opening the door, he strode in with pair on his heels toward his table top Christmas tree. Finding Remus’s present to him, he eagerly tears it open. The wrapping opens to reveal a smooth black metal object, about the size of a large notebook.
“A laptop? But these things don’t work at Hogwarts,” Jason said in confusion.
“This one does. Hermione helped me charm it.” Remus assured him.
Grinning Jason opened it and booted up the computer.
“Ah, I can connect to the satellite net here, good” He mumbled in techno babble which went over the heads of the other men in the room
“So, exactly what do you do on that thing?” Severus asks, eyeing the object skeptically.
“Check my E-mails, read the net. There is some really great HP fan fiction out there.” Jason said absently, not noticing the confusion on his friends faces.
“You do what?” Serverus asked in confusion.
“E-mail is like an owl, but over the internet. Internet is what connects this laptop to other laptops all over the world. Internet is sort of like the Floo Network, but with Muggles.” Jason said, doing his best to explain in terms Severus and Remus could understand.
“Oh.....and what is HP fan fiction then?” Severus asked, curious despite himself.
“Huh? Oh.....yes....about that...ah....well, did you know that Rita Skeeter has a squib sister?” Jason asked.
“No, your point being?” Severus asked impatiently.
“Well, her sister is just as much of a writer as she is. Turns out that Rita let her read her notes and articles. Her sister wrote a book based on them.” Jason explained, looking everywhere but at the Headmaster.
“HP?......No, please, tell me it does not stand for Harry Potter?” Severus asked, appalled.
“Uh....yeah.” Jason said carefully.
“If HP is Harry Potter, what exactly is fan fiction?” Remus asked, a smile tugging at his lips as he watched Severus try to process the idea that not only was he known to the wizarding world but to the Muggle one as well.
“Stories written by fans of her books. They are really popular with Muggles.” Jason told him.
“So, she wrote a history of the war, playing up Potter’s role?”  Severus asked aghast.
“Uh not a history....exactly. She used some of our events and invented others.” Jason said, still being careful.
“Oh? Such as?” Severus demanded.
“Well in her books, Remus married Tonks.” He said, wincing at Severus’ reaction.
“WHAT?!” Severus blurted in shock.
“.....and they had a kid.” Jason continued.
“Ah, so that’s why the Muggle born first year girls keep asking me if I have a son?” Remus said in surprise.  “Hmm....that’s not the only thing she changed is it?” He asked.
“Er....no..... Severus is different in her books too.” Jason said, starting to be amused.
“Humph! Let me guess.....I am sunshine and light, a supporter of Potter’s every move.” Severus said flatly.
“Well....not exactly.” Jason said.

“Then.... WHAT?” Severus barked.
“You were killed in her books.  Bitten by old Voldie’s snake.” Jason told him.
“I was killed by a snake. Me, a potions master, killed by a giant potions ingredient?!?” Severus snarled angrily, beginning to fume as he paced across the room,  glaring at Remus as the man collapsed into a fit of laughter.
“And what do you find so funny?” He demanded of his mate.
“This is why the first year Muggle borns keep acting like you walked out of a grave! They think you’re the undead!” Remus chortled.
Still fuming, Severus sat down in one of the chairs around the room, glaring at the Christmas tree as if it had mortally offended him. When he recovered, Remus asked Jason more about the fan fiction.
“So, what are these fan fiction stories about?” He asked curiously.
“Oh they are on lots of things.  Different adventures, background stories people dream up. But my favorite are the RL slash stories.” Jason said enthusiastically.
“RL Slash?” Remus questioned.
“RL stands for Remus Lupin.” Jason said grinning.
“.....and Slash means what, exactly?” Severus asked sourly.
“Slash means gay sex.” Jason said simply.
“They are writing about my husband having sex with other people? How dare they!” Severus said affronted, springing  up again, pacing the room once more, threatening dire consequences  on the fan fiction writers. Remus continued to peer over Jason’s shoulder as the man showed him his favorite sites.
“Severus, it’s not just me with other men.....they write about you too. Apparently, you are quite popular.” Remus told him, laughter barely contained in his voice. Severus stomps over, grabbing the laptop to look at its screen.
“Malfoy? BOTH of them? Well, I can understand Lucius, he does have nice hair but Draco is practically my son! O dear lord, they have me with Dumbledore too! And Voldemort! Something is wrong with these people.” Severus muttered, shaking his head and looking at the screen. Jason stood up and moved behind him, arms reaching, scrolling the website downward.
“They......no....it can’t be.....THEY HAVE ME FUCKING HARRY BLOODY POTTER! I’LL KILL THEM!” Severus screamed, furious.
December 25th, 11:00am, On the grounds outside Hogwarts
A scream of rage spilled outside from one of the rooms of the school.  The students near that area would later swear it was the ghost of Voldemort trying to revenge himself on the school. Others would say it was a giant waking up in the forest.
The teachers who heard it would swear it sounded just like that time the Headmaster had found out that Harry Potter was being asked by the board of directors to come and teach at the school.

A/N: Much thanks to the wodnerful  ulyferal. Thanks to her, my fics now have a lemonly fresh beta smell!


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Jan. 9th, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
Hilarious ending, I loved it ^_^

Funny how you actually made Hogwarts "real" by making JKR a squib. My mind ran along the same lines except I never thought JKR would be related to Rita Skeeter. I absolutely love that idea :) Your story validates my idea that Hogwarts is real, heehee ;P
Jan. 9th, 2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
I considred her being Hermonie's aunt (and being lent the self updateing Hogwarts: A History) but it just didn't qutie connect to me. From a wizard pov (so to speek) the HP books are more of a tell all than a history, and who is the tell all queen?

btw, there is a part one if u didnt catch that, im editign to add the link to it in a moment
Aug. 28th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
I always make Ron the author of the Harry Potter series with Hermione as his editor and JKR is his penname. ;-)
Jan. 9th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
there, the link to part 1 is up.

also, if you like B5, check out my icons at myene_electra. No b5 only ones, but i got a b5/gay albus one
Jan. 26th, 2008 10:07 am (UTC)
This was absolutely hilarious! I love the idea that JKR is Skeeter's squib sister. And Sev's reaction to fanfiction!
Jan. 26th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
*snicker* thanks!
Feb. 7th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)
HAHA. Ending is pure genius. =]
Feb. 7th, 2008 10:40 am (UTC)
thanks :D I got to say that the ending is my favorte part...well, and the aquireing of the christmas present :D
Aug. 28th, 2009 04:40 am (UTC)
"Oh....really......is that because you didn’t enjoy yourself.......that must be someone else’s cum on my ceiling then.....” Severus mused sarcastically, eyes closed as he drifted in the water." OMG!!!

“They are writing about my husband having sex with other people? How dare they!” Holy crap woman - my squee meter is going off the chart. And the whole HP fanfiction explination - hahahaha!

“They are writing about my husband having sex with other people? How dare they!” - yup something IS wrong with us people.

“They......no....it can’t be.....THEY HAVE ME FUCKING HARRY BLOODY POTTER! I’LL KILL THEM!” Severus screamed, furious. - poor SEV

The teachers who heard it would swear it sounded just like that time the Headmaster had found out that Harry Potter was being asked by the board of directors to come and teach at the school.
- wonderful ending - BRAVO

I am so ready to write more Headmaster Snape stuff. We'll have our Hogwarts full of famous teachers (just for fun, Neville, Luna, Hermonie, Harry, Ron, etc. Fred & Goerge have to run a joke shop in Hogsmeade - screw reality - everyone will be there!)
Aug. 28th, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Yea, that last bit was my favorte to write...snicker.

A lot of the ficcies now a days are EWE or snape/5th year redone.
Aug. 29th, 2009 04:55 am (UTC)
I am so out of the loop and can't figure out what EWE stands for....
Aug. 29th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
epiloge? what epiloge?
Aug. 29th, 2009 09:50 pm (UTC)
Ahh - I see now.

I really want to start writing again but I can't decide how AU I'm comfortable with getting. I mean of course Remus and Sev have to survive so I might as well just chuck canon completely out the window but if I want Paddy to grow up with Harry and them's kids then maybe it should be their REAL kids but then there's the whole Teddy thing. Sigh, fanfiction was so much easier before book 7 came out - hehe.
Aug. 28th, 2009 04:43 am (UTC)
I forgot to add that I actually can't stand chocolate but I love mint so all that playing with mint was YUMMY!
Aug. 28th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)

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