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New Story: Persuasion

New Story: Persuasion
Warning: Slash, food sex, bondage, sex magic

Summary: Remus must convence Severus to allow an american holiday.

This story is part of an arc that is located at hp_holidays</lj>

Remus and Jason were ambling back toward Hogwarts after an evening in Hogsmead.  Watching the children run ahead of them,  the werewolf smiled as he turned to the black man.
“So, how do you do this ‘trick-or-treating’ business at Salem anyways?” Remus asked as he plucked one of the candy bars from the pile Jason was juggling.
“Well, we had a ball like Hogwarts does but it was only for the older students. Tenth grade and up” The American Studies teacher said as he shifted away his Honeydukes purchases from Remus.
“Tenth grade?” Remus asked.
“Oh, sorry fifth years and up. The younger students could go down to the village to trick-or-treat. Sometimes the older ones did too, but that was mostly when they had to escort their younger siblings. They were allowed to trick-or-treat from dusk till 9pm, then they had to come back up. They had to be back in their dorms by 9:30. 10pm is when we would start the ball for the older students, which ended at 1am. Oh, and we had finger foods laid out in the dorm for all the students to eat, but most of them would eat themselves sick on candy anyways. Quite a trade in student made illegal tummy-toughner the week before Halloween.”  The dark man replied, a reminiscent smile on his face.
“So they just went door to door asking for candy?” Remus asked.
“Well, yes. But some of the townsfolk would have little costume contests every year or bobbing for apples, things like that. One year an old witch got her ghost friends to help her with a haunted house. It was great. About half of the teachers would go down and patrol the town too, just to keep high spirits down a bit.” Jason said.
“What kind of costumes?” the werewolf asked speculatively.
“Oh, whatever the kids made. They were allowed to use magic to make them, for sewing and dyeing, but no actual magic on the costume, no glamour’s or such.” Jason explained.
“Sounds fun…you know Severus would never allow it, though.” Remus said wistfully.
“Awww….aren’t you even going to try to persuade him? Besides, the teachers were always sent any left over candy from the towns folk as a ‘thank-you’…we always got enough candy to last us the rest of the year from that.” Jason coaxed.
“Hmmm…” Remus mused thoughtfully.
“To bad Headmaster Snarky-pants doesn’t eat candy like we do, eh?” Jason said as he tore open one of the candy bars.
“No…he doesn’t eat it often…” Remus said slowly, his mind working on an idea.
“Oh no…I know that look…can I watch?” Jason begged with a grin.
“No! Every time we try that, you and Severus just get into a ‘make Remus cum’ competition and you know that never ends well for either of you.” Remus said firmly.
“Yeah, but you enjoy it soo much!” Jason said with a smirk
“Well, true, I do. But we must make sacrifices in order to bring the joy of trick-or-treating to Hogwarts.” Remus conceded.
“I guess. So, what are you going to do to him?” Jason asked.
“Now, a gentleman never kisses and tells, you know that.” The wolf said flippantly.
“Who said you were a gentleman?” Jason snorted.
Raising his eyebrow Remus bared his teeth, growling playfully at the American.
Rolling his eyes, the man laughed back, knowing the wolf’s bark was worse than his bite…of course, his bite was very enjoyable.
“Hmmm…could I borrow some of that chocolate you got? Two bars will do it.” Remus asked.
“Sure…”  Jason said, handing over the two chocolate bars, looking at the other man inquisitively.
Hogwarts, Headmaster’s quarters

Remus paced around the room waiting for his lover to get home. Looking around, he cleared the chairs away from one wall, casting an elastic charm on the wall. Dragging a table over to the empty wall he set down a clear crystal bowl, unwrapping and breaking the two chocolate bars into it. He looked up as the door opened, the bright hallway light casting his husband in shadow as he entered.
“Good evening Severus” Remus said warmly.
“Remus.” The man said as he took off his robe and cape.
“So, I have a question for you…” Remus began before being cut off.
“No” Severus said, not even looking over as he adjusted the cloak onto a hook.
“I...... what? You don’t even know what I was going to ask.” Remus said in annoyance.
“You want the students to do that American monstrosity, ‘trick-or-treating’.” Severus said in an uncompromising tone.
“How did......ah…...the portraits?” Remus surmised.
“Yes. I do so enjoy using Albus’s old trick” He said, pausing as he sat down to look at the new room arrangement.
“Yes…well…speaking of tricks, Nodo Degli Amanti” Remus quickly intoned, flourishing his wand and casting the spell before Severus could sit down.  Ropes and a blindfold flung themselves from the wand tip and wrapped themselves around the Headmaster.  With another flick, Remus sent his mate to the blank wall using a sticking charm to securely fasten him to it.

“I…what…GET ME OUT OF THIS NOW OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE A THROW RUG AFTER THE NEXT FULL MOON!” he yelled, trying nudge his wand out of his pocket.
Remus pocketed the wand before it could fall out of the Headmaster’s pocket.
“No, don’t think I will. It’s a rather handy spell you know. It’s called ‘Lover’s knots’. It can only be cast on some one if the caster loves them and it will release the person if they are truly afraid or angry. Seeing as that you’re still tied up, I must assume you like this…..hmmm…...is the Headmaster a secret sub?”
Severus still struggled against his bonds, ignoring the amusement in Remus’ voice. Giving up he sagged, ropes holding him up. Turning toward Remus’ voice, he glared at him, his piercing gaze managing to go through the blindfold.
“You learned this from that Yank, didn’t you?” He accused.
“No, from Draco actually. Ginny used it on him and Harry last weekend. That’s why our DADA and Potions teachers were missing from meals all weekend.”  Remus said innocently.
“Ah…I had wondered why Draco was such a brilliant shade of red every time he saw Harry this week.” Severus said losing some of his ire.
“Yes…now…why won’t you let the students trick-or-treat?” Remus demanded, getting to the heart of the matter.
“Must I really answer that? Why would I want them to get excess amounts of sugar in their systems, not to mention an entire night when practical jokes are encouraged?” Severus argued.
“There are benefits for the teachers to ‘trick-or-treating’ too.” His mate said coaxingly.
“Yes, we get the left over candy. Joy!” Severus said sarcastically.
“Ah, but just think of the things we could do with that candy.” Remus said with a hint of lasciviousness.
“Yes. Burn it.” His mate said stiffly, not falling for it.
“No, not burn. But some of that chocolate is definitely meltable. Coprire Fuori.” Remus said, casting another charm.
“Damn it Remus! Put my clothing back on. Being naked isn’t going to make me agree to this pointless holiday!” Severus said as he renewed his struggles against the bonds.
“No, I didn’t expect it would. Choclate Della Fusione.” The wolf cast again.
“I........what are you doi..... oh yesss.....” Severus broke off his protest to writhe in pleasure.
Remus dipped his fingers into the bowl of melted chocolate and ran them over Severus’ nipples. The chocolate, just a bit warmer than skin temperature, made his mate’s nipples harden. Both nipples were soon covered in chocolate.  Remus began drawing runes on Severus’ chest, working his way down until a column of runes in chocolate ran from sternum to just above Severus’ cock. Dipping his fingers into the warm melted chocolate again, Remus trailed his fingers around Severus’ hardening cock, never touching it, just teasing the skin around it.
“Sex won’t make me change my mind werewolf” Severus whispered, almost moaning as the wolf teased the skin around his cock.
“I’m sure it won’t dear.” Remus murmured never stopping what he was doing.
Remus knelt down, bringing the bowl of warm chocolate with him. Leaning forward he flicked his tongue around Severus’ cock. Licking just at the base of his shaft and slowly moving upward, zigzagging his tongue along the shaft. About halfway up the shaft, Remus dips his hand into the dish of chocolate, coating his fingers and palm. Reaching his chocolate covered hand upwards he grips the shaft, slick chocolate fingers running along the it as he licks farther and farther upwards. Reaching Severus’ foreskin, he swiftly pops the hard leaking head into his mouth. Chocolate covered hand pumping as he sucks on Severus’ cock, the dark haired man moaning and thrashing above him.
“There is betttt... better lube out there than ch...ch.. chocolate Remus, this won’t con... convince me” he said, panting, hips thrusting towards his lover.
Remus simply moans around the weeping cock head, running his hand along the now chocolate shaft. Remus dips his fingers into the chocolate again and reluctantly removes his mouth from Severus’ cock. Running the chocolate fingers around the foreskin and head, Remus stands back up. He runs his fingers back up Severus’ body, along his cheek, and to his mate’s mouth. Severus sucks the sweet fingers into his mouth, moaning as he ineffectually thrusts his hips towards Remus.
“Hmmm…eager are we?” Remus said darkly.
“Release me wolf and I’ll show you how eager I am!” Severus panted out, his body blushing through the chocolate coating him.
“No, I don’t think I will…your little potion’s master clearly likes being tied up after all” he said, fisting Severus cock hard to emphasize the statement.
Remus slowly did a strip tease, exaggerating the sounds that went with the action. Soon naked he retraced the runes on Severus’ chest. He pressed himself against his mate’s body, lining his cock up with Severus’ chocolate coated one. Remus began a quick and intense frotage against Severus’ bond body, thrusting and rubbing his cock against his mates.  They both moaned as Severus began growing frantic with need and Remus felt his own orgasm coming closer.

Fondasi In Noi” Remus gasped out just before he felt his balls tighten, heralding his orgasm. When Severus felt the liquid warmth of Remus’ cum against his chocolate covered stomach he joins his lover, coming as he thrashes against the magical bonds in ecstasy.
Warmth spread out from the chocolate runes, radiating out first from Severus then to Remus where their bodies met. The radiating warmth covered the chocolate coated areas of their bodies so that toward the end of their mutual orgasm a new sensation started. The warming chocolate spread, seeping into their bodies, prolonging their orgasm, starting it again, balls tightening and coming again splattering against each other once more.
Sciolga I Nodi” Remus whispers as he falls to the floor. The ropes release Severus as the blind fold disappeared, the spell floating the Headmaster gently to the floor, supporting him until the tall man gets his balance.  Severus slowly sank to the floor to join Remus.
“What…was…that…” Severus whispers, panting into Remus’s ear.
“Its called rivestimento del cioccolato. It’s the chocolate finish spell. It gives you multiple orgasms, male or female.” Remus said lazily.
“Learn…from the…Yank?” A blissful Severus asked, still panting for breathe.
“No, Draco again. Ginny, him, Harry, sex, ropes, other stuff. Less talk, more rest” Remus whispered, his eyes closing.
“Mmm…yes…I wonder if Molly knows what kind of magic her daughter does.” Severus muttered resting his head on Remus’ chest.
“Well, that woman had to get seven children somehow.” Remus said in lazy amusement.
Main Hall, Hogwarts
Next morning at breakfast the Headmaster made an announcement.
“This year, in an effort to better understand our American…cousins, we will be ‘trick-or-treating’ this Halloween. You will be learning more about this event in your American Studies classes.” Severus said, sitting down in his normal dignified manner but for those who looked closely there was a definite relaxation to him today.
Jason leaned in toward Remus, whispering, “So, how did you do it?
“Oh, I just gave him a little chocolate.” Remus said innocently.

A/N: Much thanks to the wodnerful  



( 20 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 28th, 2007 07:53 am (UTC)
I haven't read the whole thing closely -- but I have one suggestion/correction:

"Why would I want them to get excess amounts of sugar in their systems, not to mention an entire night when piratical jokes are encouraged"

I assume you mean practical jokes? "Piratical" is a word, but probably not the one you want here. :)
Sep. 28th, 2007 08:03 am (UTC)
OK, now I have read the whole thing. I knew this wasn't a worldwide tradition but is it really only us Yankees that do it? Somehow this fic makes me feel a bit awkward. Although it's hard to argue with a chocolate-painted Severus. :)
Sep. 28th, 2007 10:08 am (UTC)
yea, chocolate coated sev is afuly yummy.

AFAIK, ToT is a eroupeens thing, mostly american (well, we started it). It spred to other english speekign contryies, and may be in to canada by now, but in NZ its very rare (aus too im told, but i have no personal confermation on it) and in England its rather new, to the piont where its only been doen by meny for a gereration, maybe two generatiosn in the bigger cities.

Now, souling (going door to door for soul cakes/money) has been aroudn for a thousend years, atleast, but its more of a relgious event (and its on nov 1st).

There is major restiance to it in england for soem reason, don't know why, but mostly for mr. snakry-pant's reasons i expect.

soem palces also have trick-or-treat days, but its not called that, and is in a diffrent time of year.

see, i know all sorts of useless crap...

And yes, yoru other psot was correct, that sa typo, hehehe.

Sep. 28th, 2007 10:09 am (UTC)
O, and irland does ToT a lot too, about the same level as canada im told.
Sep. 28th, 2007 11:05 am (UTC)
I loved this, but I have one tiny point:

Us Brit kids go trick-or-treating too! It's probably not as big as over in the States, but I've been every year since I was about 5. (18 now, and I take my little cousins).
Sep. 28th, 2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
True, but the wizarding world isnt what you would call moderen, so they would be behind. Also, depending on how u take Remeu's question, he is ither askign what ToT is, or just how they did it at Salem.

also, am i correctit in saying that ToT is new to England? (I got aus ans NZ friends that gave me that info, but, well....they are aus and NZ, not brint, heh)
Sep. 28th, 2007 06:14 pm (UTC)
The muggle kids would know it. But I guess I agree with you.

As for whether it's "new" to Britain, I'm not sure. Something is mentioned in Shakespeare, but the "modern" version with sweets has definitely been around for a few generations. My grandparents did it.
Sep. 28th, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
hmmm...ok, good to know. thanks :D
Sep. 28th, 2007 12:40 pm (UTC)
I'm not really a big Snape/Lupin fan but the promise of chocolate did it for me! This is good, one suggestion though, you might want to give it a good proof-read, there's a few typos which kind of break the flow of the story. Good work.
Sep. 28th, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
This is the proof read version, heh.

scary, i know.
Sep. 29th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)

That was hilarious

I LOOOOVE chocolate covered, bounded Snape. I'm not really a remus fan, but if I may...

****“I…what…GET ME OUT OF THIS NOW OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE A THROW RUG AFTER THE NEXT FULL MOON!” he yelled, trying nudge his wand out of his pocket.****

that line was worth the remus for me lol

The only reason I dont like Remus is because for some retarded reason, I ignored the books description and now I've got this unnattractive character in my head. I'm hoping if I watch the third movie enough, I'll get over my retarded mental image

Nice work darling
Sep. 29th, 2007 05:45 am (UTC)
thanks :D

I keep askign for a candy coated potians master for christmas, but so far no luck...*snicker*

3rd move remus is good, 5th movie remus is...not. I dont knwo if it was bad lighting or that the actor had aged funny or what.
Oct. 1st, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)
Love the avatar!
Oct. 1st, 2007 07:19 am (UTC)
Oct. 1st, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)
“I’m sure it wont dear.”

Haha that's a great line.

I love the way Snape stutters.

I want multiple orgasm chocolate too!
Oct. 1st, 2007 07:20 am (UTC)
*snicekr* thanks. this is part of aserries me and a friend are doing, check the other ones out too!
Aug. 28th, 2009 04:51 am (UTC)
'No! Every time we try that, you and Severus just get into a ‘make Remus cum’ competition and you know that never ends well for either of you.” Remus said firmly.' - snort!

'Rolling his eyes, the man laughed back, knowing the wolf’s bark was worse than his bite…of course, his bite was very enjoyable.' great line!


You are the queen of writing naughty scenes (bows to you)
Aug. 28th, 2009 10:45 pm (UTC)
I have a perverted mind, lol.

As we did co-write these, you could edit your Snupin Santa to include that ya know.
Aug. 29th, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
I don't know if she'll let me edit it at this point. I kinda messed it up to begin with - hehe. I am looking forwad to it. Do you need a beta ? I'd love to beta for you(assuming you don't get me of course.)
Aug. 29th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
I got one, thanks :D
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